Founded in 2010, YAPRAK FENCE provides nature-friendly environment by combining physical security with real-like artifical leaf fences.

YAPRAK FENCE creates peaceful atmosphere with its wide range of products and alternative applications.

Each design is offically registered.

Yaprak Fence's aim is to provide peaceful and secure environment against todays diminishing natural areas with the main principles ; quality, innovation and customer orientation.

Being first with its product range YAPRAK FENCE continues to be the pioneer of innovations.

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Application Areas

Parks and Gardens
Building Estates and Villas
Touristic Facilities
Balcony Railings
Roads and Central Refuges
Wall covering, etc.
Interior and Exterior Architectural usages

How to install?

YAPRAK FENCE is applied as rolls or pieces up to the client's requested model.

They can be applied on to the existing fence or on to the new fence with the same colour tie wires.